Перевод песни Jackie Greene – Honey I Been Thinking About You

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Well I ain’t interested in the clothes that you wear
In the car that you drive or the cut of your hair
Honey, you got something that i can’t compare
And i’ve been thinking about you
And I don’t really care about the weather outside
And i don’t want to talk about national pride
All that I need for to be satisfied is a
Woman who’s nothing like me
Love is for fools, yes a fool such as i
And i can’t tell you how and i can’t tell you why
Ah but honey I just can’t deny you at all
Oh and I don’t want to be your two-weekend lover
Your boy-in-the-bag, your one-or-the-other
And I ain’t looking for a wife or a mother
But honey i’ve been thinking about you
Well maybe you’re wrong and maybe you’re right
And maybe we could sit here and argue all night
But maybe you just better turn out the lights
Cause honey i’ve been thinking about you
Honey i’ve been thinking about you for a while
And it’s driving me mad, yes it’s cramping my style
And i ain’t asking you to walk down the aisle, but I…
Suitcase to staircase, to candelit room
Where i sift throught the silk in the air and perfume
And i’ll be loving you baby, i’ll be loving you soon
Cause honey i’ve been thinking about you
Now i don’t really care about your hot-blooded sister
I’m sure theres a man for to love her and miss her
I didn’t mean nothing, i just happened to kiss her
But honey i was thinking about you
I don’t really care about your daddy’s corvette
Your house in the hills or your pink private jet
Or that ring on your finger you say you regret
Cause honey, i’ve been thinking about you
Rat race to car chase to trains in the station
Everyone wants to change their location
Everyone wants some new inspiration
But i can’t stop thinking about you