Перевод песни Carman – Radically Saved

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Jesus Christ is Lord & God's still on the throne
There's power in the blood & I'm saved to the bone
The devil comes against me, he's gonna feel some pain
I can bind him, bruise him, cast him out by the power of Jesus' name!
No longer on the outside; on the inside I now stand
I'm sold out, the whole route. Completely born again
I believe on the third day Jesus, He rose from the grave
The world thinks I'm crazy
I am just radically saved!
Choose you this day, tell me who will you serve?
Now's the time to stand up. Gotta let your voice be heard
You gotta come out from among the rest
You gotta tell the gospel tale
You tell 'em:
Black is black & white is white;
& hell is hot & sin ain't right;
God is holy; Christ is coming & righteousness will prevail!
Tell it to you once, I'll tell it to you twice:
The only thing that's gonna change this world is the gospel of Jesus Christ
Wimpy saints won't survive in spiritual warfare
If you know that Jesus is the only way, let me hear somebody say, «YEAH!»
On the inside we now stand
I'm sold out, the whole route
Anybody here born again?!
I believe that on the third day Jesus rose from the grave
The world thinks we're crazy
Our friends thinks we are crazy
Our family thinks we're crazy
But we are just what?!
We are just radically saved!