Перевод песни Phil Keaggy – Way Back Home

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Way back home in the wild woods of my past
I ask what became of the lads and the friends
From school days gone by, gone by
I hope they all turned out alright
I remember the winding of the road that goes
To that old farm in Hubbard
And the old stone driveway doesn't seem quite as long
It's here that I learned my first song
There's a warmth in a mother's love for her child
She smiles as she chases fear away
And the boy feels very glad, oh so glad
And bravely runs to the woods to play
See the old red barn standing there
Just the same, the same as it did so long ago
And the water pump that took a part of me
Started me reliving that day when I was four
Way back home in the childhood of my past
I ask what becomes of a man who leaves behind
The memory of youth, of youth
Instead of looking back to live again