Перевод песни United Nations – The Spinning Heart of the Yo-Yo Lobby

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It's easy as 1−2-3−4
We've got a lot but we want more
Exploit the wage on the stage of the third world
For fun and profit
For parents and screaming children!
They want to play the game for the coming age:
«Yo-Yo Fuck You»
Can you see what I've been thinking?
If it's a sport then why is it that
There's no rules?
It was fire engine red and it spun from a thread
It was my favorite toy that I took from a boy
Who I put in his place when I smashed in his face
It's so fun to do tricks with this thing
When there's blood on your hands
In the morning I thought I had lost it We frantically searched but it's ok It's no sweat, just a fucking kids game