Перевод песни Lamb – The Sacrifice Lamb

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Have you ever heard, Messiah has come,
It says in His word, to cleanse everyone,
Atonement He made, iniquity He bore,
That we can find life, with Him evermore.
The Sacrifice Lamb, has been slain,
His blood on the altar a stain,
To wipe away guilt and pain,
To bring hope eternal.
Salvation has come to the world,
God's only Son, to the world,
Jesus the one, for the world,
Yeshua is He.
The prophets of old, speak much of Messiah,
His death is foretold, the purpose is clear,
Isaiah did say, 'twas for an atonement,
To give us a way, that leads not to death.
So brother of mine, look not to yourself,
For we are but one, we all need His help,
We've broken the law, be He paid our debt,
That we can find life, by Yeshua's death.