Перевод песни Nature – The Wake Up

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Ayo I wake up everyday
Shit, shower, shave
Check all my messages, six hours late
Eat a quick breakfast, then gotta skate
Hit the ATM
Now I'm straight
In a world where the broke don't eat, I let niggas know
Interfere and we both won't eat
You know me, I be the type that follow the kids home
Might throw a brick right through the window
I might send a chick that's too hot to pass
And the second you stop she'll pop that ass
It ain't about the cash or good looks
Songs with good hooks that help me get on a good foot
When you off to a slow start
I give you a good push, help you go far
Call you out, if you pus' you got no heart
Blood in the veins, thugging hard till nothing remains
What the fuck