Перевод песни Nature – The Ride

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In a 4.6 bumping Ray J's shit
Take 'em 18 and up ma, age ain't shit
Got a fresh pair of baps, fitted as fit
Some niggas see the kid and wanna change they shit
Low ride niggas better raise they shit
22's make you feel like you in a spaceship
Anything less you a regular Joe
Like still buying skunk weed instead of the 'dro
And I know
Like a nigga coming home from a stretch bid
First week, making more money than Shrek did
Undetected, rock by rock I sold
In the rain, in the sleet, in the snow
Now I got banging CD's in the sto'
You can ask where the rap at, I'm under the N's
Popping up on your deck when the summer begins
Motherfuckers better know
Better know who you listening to In the whips when you whistling through
Motherfuckers better know
In the club, in the crib or the two
Who the nigga that'll get ya to move
Motherfuckers better know
Who that nigga that the niggas request
Most critics feel kid is the best
Motherfuckers better know
Prefer the streets and they sit at a desk
I'll never drop anything less
Motherfuckers better know
Now I done everything that there is to do
And I don't fuck with a nigga if he miserable
And if a bitch look good, I'll put some kids in you
If you sit in my hood then it's critical
I got some workers, working for free
Turn the block into a circus working for me We scare niggas on purpose
Carrying guns and let the butt show
I had a rap sheet, didn't give a fuck though
For a while, just picture the cousin
Back and forth through the system when a nigga is hustling
Going hard like
Study it Not war, but the art of defeat, you worrying
What the outcome is How come this, Wiz
And y'all do songs that don't amount to shit
You'll never blow
Holding 'em tight, yo let 'em go Every time my name come up, motherfucker's better know