Перевод песни Prince – Race

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Lie down, fair one, and come away
Till the rain is over and gone
G-G-Gimme the beat now (Face the music)
Lead line (Face the music)
If the air is a little thick in this room tonight
I reckon it's the result of an onslaught of separatist rookies
Overcome by this colorful sight
Talking so fast that even they
Talking so fast that even they
Don't know what they mean
Of all the things that base a rhyme
How is it that you everytime
Regurgitate the racist lines that keep us apart?
Thank God this ain't Monopoly
You'd make us all go back to start
In the space I mark human (Face the music
Face the music
We all bones when we dead
In the space I mark human (Face the music
Cut me, cut you
Both the blood is red
I gotcha
Check it Three seats over there's a lady black
Entrusted to her care is a little white girl
And the fact of the matter is Before her mom or another kid at school
Tells her about the fallacy that one race rules over the other
She'd be a much-better-off-left fool (Face the music
If we never heard about the evils that those before us committed
Then how my dear, tell me now how my dear, tell me now how now would we know
And then the band say
D-d-down with H-I-S-T-O-R-Y and all this BS propagandi
Keepin you from me and me from you as we grow
I don't wanna know (I don't wanna know
Why those before us hated each other
I'd rather believe they never did
I'd rather believe (I'd rather, I'd rather believe
That there's hope for a kid
And if he imitates the best
I guess that's what I'll try to be And I will let the rest dissolve with my guitar underneath the sea