Перевод песни The Time – Love Machine

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I've got the toys, to turn your body out
I've got the noise, to make you scream and shout
The love machine will take your body higher
Because if it don't then I know you're a liar
Don't lie, you want some love that will make u cry
17 tongues licking from the neck down moving in a quick speed circular motion
Round and round, I said it round and round
Like you like it, I can lick it like you like it Love machine. Don't bathe
The love machine cleanses with a little faith
Like a car wash spitting out soap and oil
There has never been a cleaner girl in the whole wide world
Turning in your body's, psyche, dial a perfume that you like
The love machine will put it on you right
Hey yeah, What time it is, love machine
Love machine, what time it is, love machine
Fast or slow like a Leslie goes
If you want I can give you complete control
Over your climax and over mine
The harder you come, the longer the time, (time)
The longer the time, (higher) the longer the time
The longer the time, the longer the time, the longer the time it takes
Love machine, the love machine
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, yeah
Shall we say we're in Paris? (I don't know)
Shall we say we're in Rome? (We could)
Shall we imagine a menage-a-trois? (I'm too young)
Shall we imagine we're alone? (What can I say to that?)
Shall we dream of each other naked? (Shit)
Shall we get undressed right here? (I don't know) (love machine)
Shall we do this thing by the books? (What are you doing to me?)
Shall we give in to our biggest fears? (the love machine) (Are you afraid?)
Are you going to dance with me? (higher) (Yes.) (love machine)
Are you going to going to let me spin you around? (I might)
Are you going to kiss me quietly? (Can't you hear me?)
Are you going to make love with sound? (the love machine, higher love machine)
(Isn't that the way it's done?)
Are you playing the part of a shadow? (I am not)
Or are your inhibitions gone? (They are)
Are you afraid of the love machine? (love machine) (Hell no)
Or will you let it drink you till dawn, drink you till dawn