Перевод песни Tone Damli Aaberge – Longshot

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One year and seven weeks since you
Spoke your name, and -- my knees
Now I, gotta learn how to speak
And maybe next time we meet
And I won't run and hide
And I might even try
To tell you how I feel inside
It might be a longshot, Got me thinking so what?
Finally I know what, I need to do You simply amaze me, hope you don't think I'm crazy
I've been thinking lately, about me and you
If only I knew how to make this dream come true
Twentytwo hours, and sixteen seconds sin-sin-since I, woke up Must've satten a record now I'm
Afraid to go back to sleep
I might not catch the same same dream
So i'm staying awake, as long as it may take
For me to figure out a way
Don't wanna waste any time anymore
'Cause I'm in too deep, like never before
So lost in the thought of me and you
If I only knew, how dreams come true, yeah