Перевод песни Tone Damli Aaberge – Crawl

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On our way home
Down the same road, I can feel it again
Floor beneath both of us Is trembling now, because the words are shaking
Hearing this now, it doesn't change anything
You're telling me how, and that I did something else
But how can I be guilty of a crime, you started
Stop right there, you can do better
I'm not gonna crawl, thats not what I want
I'm not afraid to stand, where the others turned and ran
If you have to cry, I'll make your tears mine
You're the one I want, and I'm never gonna crawl
Standing outside, thinking how lucky I was
Hidden my stride, and being there with you
But now it's like emotions wants crave
Somethings gone, so long, you can do better
I will make the mistakes, know I'm gonna change that
You can lead me astray, from your heart
Somewhere deep in that soak, theres a way to get out
Oh you heard, make this matter