Перевод песни Tone Damli – I Know

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I’ll try harder, more than ever before
Slowly I started to trust my heart so much more
Now I know that I’m wiser, I’ve learnt alot from this game
Clearly I see that all we have been through has just made us stronger
I know, I know, it will turn out just fine
Standing by you, is a promise I’ll keep and
I know, I know, we will stumble and fall
Problems are good, in the end they feel so small
Brokenhearted, made it all feel all true
Lies detected, made such a distance to you
And I know that all over, yeah we’ve learnt alot from that change
Clearly I see that all of these things they have just made us stronger
And I never wanna see us like that again
And I never want to just be a friend
I can go on all alone, it’s wrong, simply wrong
Keep hoping on
I know, I know, will turn out just fine
Standing by you
I know, I know, stumble and fall
Problems are good