Перевод песни Wagon Christ – Juicy Luke Vibert

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I'm juicy Luke Vibert, trading his wax. And I'm here to talk to you about the
beautiful music we could be making together
And if my intimate little chat turns you on or gets your juices bubbling,
then so much the better, baby. We'll have a nice, hot, wet, sticky time
The idea of us, all... when you... put this in... through my... covered inside.
. makes my salty... throb
I hope for your... lips are getting moist just thinking about the special
moments we'll soon have together, as I go up, and up, and up, taking you higher,
and higher, and higher, sucking away your... as I... with all your...
at the same time, sometimes getting... right up between the... of your...
and up, beyond, the rhythmic beat is born
You see, I just... I really know where the sensitive sections are.
And I know how to tweak them. That should drive you mad for my...
all over your fiberwood fried eggs. My... is always hot for... like you...
who knows a good thing when they hear it I mean, why else would you be listening to me right now? You've got great taste,
and you taste great... great taste, and you taste great... great taste...
and you pull to... in your world... you out, and making you... ... moan
I know we'll get there, but I think, I think, I think, we're there, we're there,
it's here, it's here, right now, oh, oh, oh, OH, OH, OH, OH, OOH...