Перевод песни Luther Vandross – Nights In Harlem

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I like to reminisce about that night we kissed
It was somewhere one night in Harlem
The nights were hot and bright
You could treat your honey right
Cuz Sylvia's would burn all night
The people there were really something
(You know that's right)
The music always kept us jumping
And it used to knock me down
When Smokey came to town
(And the miracles, please)
My favorite song was «Tears Of A Clown», oh yeah
There ain't nothing like them nights in Harlem
They really shake the funk up there
Tonight I'm gonna stomp in Harlem
And I'm gonna take my baby back
To the heart of Harlem
Big sister had a group
And they'd sit out on the stoop
And Lordy could they harmonize (Oh yeah)
My cousin Joe could blow
Just like the radio
And he used to drove them «B"girls wild
But when grandma started happy dancing
(Oh, she gon' break somethin')
She really turned the mother out
I like the way they do it up in Harlem
When there's a party up in Harlem
That's what it's all about
Ain't nothing like them nights in Harlem
They never fake the funk up there
I met my Cherie Amour in Harlem
And tonight I'm gonna take her back to the 'pollo
There's a party in Harlem
They say that all the stars will be there
Everyone is going to Harlem
Harlem is a party and everybody's going there
Follow me visually, cuz I usually be all around
Originallly everybody headed uptown
Finessing the fly way you crisin in your car
On the West Side to the highway, East Side D-R
And yes, we are about to set it
Forget it, I thought you knew
The Apollo is where I had to go with my crew
From BMW's to my daddy's Cadillac
He had the sunroof top wit the diamond in the back
Check the ambiance, the place a renaissance
Who frontin' nonchallant up in the restaurant
What you really really want, we grabbin by the clutch
Precise can flaunt with this and never too much
It's such a love flow, high but natural
The thug's a no-show, and drugs a no-no
The only thing that they was shootin' was pool
While Harlem nights was right, the party was cool
Nothing like them nights in Harlem
They really shake the funk up there
Tonight I'm gonna stomp in Harlem
I'm gonna take my baby back to the heart of Harlem