Перевод песни Tone Damli – Here I Am (You Got Me)

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Look at my eyes, what do you see, do you believe what you’re saying
Tell me the truth, We live or die, I’m getting tierd of waiting
I’m here, Holding the door, you’re in there, pacing the floor
So come on, what will it be, are you gonna wait for me? yeah
You got me looking at the best of me
And tell me do you wanna see the rest of me?
Look at my hands, look at my eyes
Here I am, I’m all yours
And you caught me just as I was going down
And all that matters now is that you stick around
Every day, Every night
Here I am
I know you told everyone when I was gone, babe you missed me
And looking at you, I know it’s real I know it feels good to kiss you
I’ve been standing in line while you’re in taking your time
I’m wasting months that I got, I know do I stay or go?
So now it’s time for you to tell me what you want
What’s it gonna be baby do or don’t
I’m not gonna wait around another day
What’s it gonna be, are you up for me?
Here I Am, I’m all yours
You got me, you got me