Перевод песни Aretha Franklin – You're All I Need to Get By

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You're all I need to get by (repeat 5 times)
As long as I got you baby you know that you got me ohh!
You're all I need to get by-y-y
Cause we got a love wi' some R-ah-E-S-P-E-C-T ohh!
Like sweet morning dew I took one look at you
And it was plain to see, you where my destiny
With my arms open wide, I threw away my pride
I sacrificed for you, dedicated my life to you
Like I would go where you lead
I'll be right there in time of need
And when I lose my will you'll be there to push me up that hill
There's no looking back for us We've got each other's love and that's enough
Cause you're all I need to get by
(chorus sung in Aretha's typical «run"fashion)
Like an eagle protects his nest, for you I'll do my best
Stand by you like a tree and dare anybody who tries to move me Darlin' in you I've found strength where I was torn down
I don't know what's in store but together we can open any door
Just do what's good for you I'll inspire you a little bit higher
I know you can make a wo-man out of soul that didn't have a goal
Cause we've got the right foundation and with the love
and determination (yes we do)
You're all I need to get by
(again, with the chorus Aretha does not «sing it straight;»
she ad-libs and improvises into the denoument)