Перевод песни The Lilac Time – Streetcorner

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Street corner
Where I courted her
Where two streets meet
And paths cross in paving stone
Oh street lamp
Shine through seasons
Made us brighter
World around seem darker
Street corner
Where I bored her
With my schemes
And dreams of going somewhere
Oh heartland
Where our swan sang
It's goodbye forever
For further is but nearer to you
Where do we have to run
To when all the love is done
I lived in a street when I was young
We never did more than feel
Although I was your friend
You never thought
I'd be the boy
That you would meet
So you gave your love
To someone else and I slipped away
Now I know
I never will
Then I thought
That I'd get back with you someday
But I was wrong
So wrong
It's strange that one can be so wrong
So wrong
So long...