Перевод песни Body Count – Last Days

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As I stare off the stage and try to Understand why you feel that I am Someone you can id with, how?
When you and I come from two totally
Polar opposite lifestyles
Under normal circumstances I would be Waking you and your rich parents up at Gunpoint
Demanding the combination to the wall
While your little sister screams suffering
From pistol-whipped pain
Or looking back at you in a courtroom
Filled with absolutely none of my peers
Why are you here? Is this some
Voyeuristic bullshit?
See black man sing?
Or maybe, just maybe, you've been sub-
Jected to so many audio drive by's and
Gang shootings that you yourself have
Become numb to the pain like me And you — check this out — have become
Insane from overdoses of reality
Well stomach this, at the rate we're
Going right now white boy, yeah you, you
And I will die holding each other's
That's real, the world's at war, we're at War
Check yourself, don't be me check your
Goddamn self
It's goin down 1997, see the light, red
Lasers rip through my neighborhood at Night, time is short
Homocide is the number one sport
Last days
Last days
These are the last days
So now that all the reality's soaked, I and
You start to reanalyze every word I ever
Said, am I a racist?
Or am I just someone who tells it how the
Fuck it is?
Well the truth of the thing is I was raised
On crime
Walking through an environment so filled
With so much hate
Honesty I do not feel that you are able to Comprehend the magnitude of the evil
But trip this, there were no white faces
Just blck on black genocide
The only white men there were the cops
That showed up late in the fourth to out-
Line the teenaged bodies in chalk
So who do I hate? Do I hate you? Do I Hate myself?
Or possibly am I intelligent enough to only
Hold the conditions of the ghetto itself to Blame? — Not!
Who creates the conditions?
Who stops affirmative action and wel-
Who loves the 3 strikes law?
Didn't see 'em at the Million Man March
Or the three hundred and fifty-thousand
Man march, let your daddy tell it There's a lotta lies out there, what side
Ya on?
Armageddon is near
I am the fourth rider of the apocalypse
Recogize game
Last days
These are the last days
Last days
These are the last days
Last days
These are the last days
Last days
(But maybe I'm all wrong, maybe everything
Is ok. Maybe we're all just gonna get
Along. Maybe I'm trippin, maybe life is Perfect — yeah right)
I hate you, you hate me, and what does
That equal?
It equals nothing, and that's exactly what
We're gonna have
Nothing, i we don't make a change soon
And who am I to tell you anything?
I ain't nobody but a brother from South
Who's had the opportunity to go around
The world
And I found out that we're all not really
That different
Racism is the number one enemyof
There's only one race, the human race
And if we don't get it together soon, this
Song is true
We are all living in the last days