Перевод песни The Auteurs – Tombstone

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better call suspension — bakelite and dial
we'll take the fucking building out —
baader meinhof style
every day, every hour, every minute
every dawn to sundown
everybody's gonna get it
— in tombstone
every day, every hour,
we're related
for the rest of the year
everybody's gonna get it tombstone is here
like to thank my mother for inventing
rock and roll
i'd be lost without it, i would not be whole
honeymoon is over — waiting fr the cops
sitting shit faced in dan's car
thinking 'bout who we're not
tombstone, tombstone got a gun
we've got all the women and children
all tied up for fun
got to see a doctor, i need to turn my bones to milk
nobody ever found the gold upon the hill
and i wanted glamour not tragic rock n roll
and i want a lover, who'll nail me to the wall
everybody etc.