Перевод песни Mack 10 – Mickey D's Lick (Intro)

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Yeah, welcome to McDonald's, man
Would you like to try a Mc-40 ounce?
Nigga, hell naw, I don't wanna try no muthafuckin' Mc-40 ounce, nigga
Give me all of the money or I'm dumpin'
That's on my mama
Ay homeboy, while you at, give me large fries, a strawberry shake
And a Happy Meal for my daughter too
Muthafucka, I said large fries
These are large fries!
Man, I'll kill everybody in this—who the fuck you hollerin' at?!
Nigga, when I say large fries, I mean large muthafuckin' fries, punk!
That's right! Ay, could I roll with you?
Come on
Alright, nigga. My homeboy want all the muthafuckin' money
Bitch, give me your—shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up!
Bitch, empty your muthafuckin' cash register too!
Y'all think we playin', huh? Y'all think we playin', huh?
Bitch, what the fuck wrong with you
Give me your muthafuckin' purse!
Ay, what's your name, homeboy?
Mack 10
Nigga, I've been wanting to do this shit for two years
Nigga, I've been wanting to do this shit foe life...