Перевод песни The Jeremy Days – All Content?

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We had our laughs
Had our fun
We had our times
Sure took a while till we came down
Now every second’s staring right back at me
Here’s for all the things you wanted so badly
Time and time again you’ve asked yourself this before
'why can’t I just please myself anymore'
We’re sleeping in, sleeping out
Just what difference does it make?
When the ship is drifting far from shore
Are we all content?
To turn the pages back and over again?
Are we all content?
To just hang around your elusive friends, all content?
Fast asleep, wide awake
With nothing left to say don’t be bothered we’re talking in our sleep
Wanted the ocean, got the sea, wanted Elvis
You got me and that’s just to keep you company!
Are we all content?
To turn the pages right back over again
All content… turn the pages right back over again
Are we all content?
You’re just hanging 'round your reclusive friends all content?