Перевод песни Penetration – She Is The Slave

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Alone in the darkness
The firelight flickers
A cry in the distance
That shatters the silence
Lost with her thoughts
There's no one to confide in The baby is crying
But she doesn't want to hear it Take me away
She hears herself say
Have I the nerve
To run away from it all
She is the slave
So cold is compassion
So strange are these feelings
The shadows are watching her
She knows it, she feels it Alone in her dark room
Her mind holds the key
To her memory, to set her free
And end this misery
Take me away etc
She is the slave
Sometimes she feels she can't go on She sees her life as past and gone
Alternative solutions seem inviting
But they're out of reach
But soon the time will come
To face reality
The future holds the key
To set her free
Is this the end to all her misery?
Take me away etc
She is the slave