Перевод песни Spear Of Destiny – So In Love With You

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So in love with you by Spear of destiny
All those nights when you can`t hold on Needing someone there, someone
Shooting star you`d half a life
That`s why you burnt so bright
Now you don`t need anyone
As a kid you lived the dream
Fitted right inside it`s scheme
Through a thousand love affairs
They still deny that they cared
You`re gone because they got scared
I`m so in love with you
Did your world collapse one day
Nothing left to give away
Spending hours on the phone
Don`t hang up I`m on my own
I can`t face it when you go
I`m so in love with you
There`s an ambulance outside
Reporters hang around like flies
Waiting for a photograph
When you died you weren`t alone
I guess the truth will never be known
I`m so in love with you