Перевод песни Jack Wagner – Weatherman Says

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Alone I'm going around in circles
Moving aimlessly
Giving so much time for the future
Got nothing left for me Runnin' restless through the city
To find my fnatasy
Looked into your eyes and found it Lookin' back at me Now that the winter's over
Sweet love is takin' over
All of those dark clouds have faded away
Ooh, you got the tables turnin'
Can't stop the fire burnin'
You got a ticket to take me all the way
Weatherman says it's gonna get hot tonight
There's a fever in the air that I can't control
Now I'm gonna be a fool for love
But I think it's all right
And I never wanna let this feeling go Weatherman says it's gonna get hot tonight
And I'm gonna fill this burnin' desire
And I'm gonna get lost in love
'Cause I feel so right
Baby, I'll raise this flame into a fire
Lost my vision trying to read the writing on the wall
Caught in fatal fascination
Heading for a fall
Sweet shining summer angel came to my rescue
Shook off all that old suspicion
Found a dream come true
(Repeat chorus)