Перевод песни Jimmy Durante – Old Man Time

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Old man time, he? s so mean
Meanest man you? ve ever seen
He gives you youth; then he steals it away
He takes your nice pretty hair; turns it gray
He makes you rich, makes you poor; he? a dog!
All your dreams and your schemes ain't worth a dime
So have a good time every day, cuz you? ll never get away
From old man, old man time
Old man time, that boog-a-boo
Every year, he changes you
He bends your back, dims your eyes, you see less
You quake and shake and when he? s through, you? re a mess
Makes you fat, thin or tall he plays tricks on us all
Every year, he changes you; no sense or rhyme
He gives you beauty charm and grace
Then puts wrinkles on your face
That? s old man, old man time?
But there? s one thing he can? t change
Love that? s true stays the same
It lives on, on and on in any climb
So you don't ever have to fret
Fall in love and you? ll forget
That? s old man, old man time?
Yes old man, old man time