Перевод песни Foreigner – No Hiding Place

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Every time I've run away from you
You searched me out and found me
I build a wall, surround myself
You've found a way around it
Everywhere I go into this big old world
You're just one step behind me
I turn around and there you are, ready to remind me
Whoa, baby, let me, let me go
Honey don't you know
There is no hiding place, nowhere to go, nowhere safe
There is no hiding place
There is no where sale, to disappear without a trace
There is no hiding place
I walked the streets, I drank in bars
Trying to forget you
I rode the subway end to end
I wish I'd never met you
It's in your smile, the way you dress
A little on the wild side
I can't get away from you babe, no matter how I try
Whoa never let me, let me go
Honey, don't you know