Перевод песни John Cale – Legs Larry At Television Centre

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OK, we're rolling, Q-gramms
Closer from camera one
Hold it, hold it That's nice, back a bit
Camera two, cut to two
Lovely, hold that, hold that, hold that
Right, pan in on Ronnie then, come to Ronnie
Watch the cello love, watch the cello
Mind your boom — for blimey's sake
OK, OK, lovely
A little more rain, a little more rain
Silly cow, smashed his make-up now
Hold that, pan back, pan across, pan back
Mind your boom, John, mind your boom
Oh, a bit more echo there, lovely, lovely
Hold that, hold that
OK, pan back, pan back
Sweep across now, sweep for all your worth, love
Twistle around, lovely
Oh, this silly cook
Who's spilled brandy on his trouser suit now?
Rool down, close shot, get his leg in, that's right
Cut to the cello
Lovely, hold it, that's very nice, very nice
Oh Keep the rain coming, Vera, keep the rain coming
Pan across, pan back, hold it Now go in for the kill
It does look nice in this light
Yes, it's worked out very well, very very well
The whole thing's bloody mad, if you ask me Oh, this silly crone, no Right, roll the captions, roll the captions
Where is he?