Перевод песни The Jesus Lizard – Too Bad About The Fire

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Half baked ideas of attack
Hit Lawrie Rimillard's back
A salvo of doughnuts was thrown
She bought up five or six plots
The place where their father rots
Now put her box next to his
The Marianas Trench
Perceived as just half an inch
They sink that low every day
Amendments to the contract
This clause just might counteract
The foregoing heretofore
How many ounces of cut
Needed to turn a profit
That's elementary math
If you like shooting up crack
And catching all kinds of flak
You'll lead an interesting life
Now safe sex is all the rage
Read it on every page
Buy yourself some new balloons
There's bags of lettuce to eat
My socks are shoes for my feet
Hey can you loan me a dime?
The Japs eat tuna eyeballs
And play with Godzilla dolls
And kick our business asses
It's group A streptococcus
On which we need to focus
It killed 12 Limies this year
I've had a very bad day
I blew my family away
The neighbours say that i'm weird
That fucking toilet won't flush
It's full of paper and mush
The plumber's ass is his face
Too bad about the fire
Too bad about the fire
Too bad about the fire
Too bad about the fire
Too bad about the fire