Перевод песни Thumb – Deny

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Iґve gotta say Iґm not a rapper to the bone, you know, I wasnґt born in L.A.
, New York or so
And my town couldnґt be more
Quiet you see, in my hood noone ever pulled a gun on me! But when I grab the
microphone I
Feel the need in me to
Release everything thatґs inside of me. Iґve gotta get it out, donґt wanna wait
and see, cause
What Iґm dealing with hurts
Emotionally. I never spraid a wall or a train you know. I never got into
graffiti, man, I donґt
Know, I never spun on my head,
Breakdance till your dead, I only listen to the music, cause thatґs where itґs
at. Donґt wanna
Fall for no gimmick of the
Industry, like all the funky clothes, Iґm not a wannabe. I do what I like if it
feels right to me,
Itґs only me, my voice and my
Mic, you see?!
Why would I try to deny where Iґm coming from?
Not everytime I hear a beat I gotta move, my man, Iґm not a party guy who needs
to shake
His thang. Itґs all about the
Lyrics and the rhymes, you know, about the song itself and not the video.
Donґt wanna see
The tits, the cars make the hits,
Donґt need to see a million people jump up in a pit and shout hip hop hurray —
no way —
Thereґs only one way to go for me
And thatґs my way ! My way can only be where iґm coming from, i need to see
whatґs up
Around me and put it in a song.
My songs are a cure, gotta keep em all pure, donґt wanna have to adapt to the
rules for sure.
So this one goes out to all of
The wannabes, the ones who are trying to be what they cannot be.
Just do what you like if it
Feels right to you — Itґs only
You, your voice and your mic, you fool !
Why would you try to deny where youґre coming from?