Перевод песни Thumb – Consumer's Rap-Sody

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
When was the last time you made your own decision, free from whatever distracts
you from
Your vision, free from the
Pressure of societyґs rule book, free from how you act, free from how you look.
now really
Think about it, itґs not a tough
One. you are ruled by someone. wherever you go and whatever you may do that
Else is always there too !
You turn on the telli, you open the papers, youґre being ruled by big
money-scrapers, whoґs
Sole intention through this
Invention is showing their products to grab your attention. showcasing life in
the healthiest
Form, you need to fit in and you
Need to conform. be one of the hippest and one of the fittest consumers out
there, within the
But the message is so much deeper, than to change your look or who you are.
itґs a
Corperate game and youґre the
Playball in a pin-ball machine thatґs too tall. youґre bouncing back from side
to side, any
Direction that they might like, as
Long as youґre adding up points youґre sober, and if not — game over !