Перевод песни Chynna Phillips – This Close

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Time wasn't on our side
Our lives pulls us away
And I face the lonley night
Love put us to the test
We were touching less and less
In a world of emptiness
Oh is the answer here
Right here in your arms
Baby hold me near and
Keep our love from harm
This close
We've never been this close before
We almost walked away
This close
We've never been this close, I pray
That every step I take
Gets closer to you
That's when there's time and distance
Something gets through
Till we're this close
We've never been this close
I waited by the phone
The candles burned for you
But you never did come home
The night ain't your closest friend
In a cold and empty bed
With the words we left unsaid
Oh I know the answer's here
Right here in my arms
Baby never fear
My love will keep you warm
I held my breath for you
Nevertheless I knew inside
I'd be with you
Maybe it was pride
I've heard in time love grows
But I never dreamed we'd be This close
I've never been
This close to you