Перевод песни Busta Rhymes – Things We Be Doin' For Money Part 1

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Huh, yeah, fuck that
Niggas go out to get it Niggas is out there, holding until I see niggas
Niggas is out there holding
Starving nigga, fuck that, I'm a broke nigga
And I gotta see any nigga out here holding something
Fuck that
Everyday, me and my son stay scheming
On how to maximise the level on day to day creaming
While you remain faking
Yo, I ain't tolerating, no mistaking
We on the move to study paper-making
Round up the whole squad quick
Plot the scheme with my niggas, get on some full clip bullshit
Before I solidify manslaughter, my unit form on the streetcorner
We surprise like fiends in disguise
Laying for the right shit so I can receive another grand prize
Greeting niggas like a homeless nigga
The way it happened son, you'd never figure
How the homeless nigga gun is much bigger
Now give me everything you walking with and everything your man is holding
Even the watch that got the platinum moulding
And as the situation start unfolding
You scared to death you little bitch, go ahead
Report it stolen, see what happen...
(Crazy fighting going on, mad punches, smashed glass etc.)
Cocks drwan nigga, holding my dick
Wilding for the night, splurging with my click from the last fit
Open like a motherfucker, itching and ready to do the next stick
Get anybody my nigga take your pick
What you said I said even if it causing bloodshed
We getting paper even if we robbing a fucking chickenhead
Word to mother son, I ain't fronting
I'm taking everything I been always wanting
So I continue to peep out, in the jam will be the most blidded
Rob 'em in the corner bounce to the bar with they money and buy drinks with
It I stay on some real trife shit, test your life shit or even stab you on some
Knife shit
Fake it if you wanna fake it, if I see it, then I want it, then I take it Leaving niggas ass naked
Sometime I know it seems so shocking
How you the next victim to be listening of the sounds of a trigger cocking
All in your ears, cold steel all against your face
I feel your blood chilling, your heart racing at a rapid pace
And if you thinking that's strong
I dare you even to flinch wrong, fuck around
You feel the full five long
The victim contemplating what to do Or how the fuck top get out of the situation that he's going through
This nigga tried to grab the gat, you know I started clapping
Bet y'all niggas wanna know how the rest of the story happened...
(Fades to Outro/Intro to Things We Be Doin' For Money — Part 2)