Перевод песни John Anderson – Tokyo, Oklahoma

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Tokyo, Oklahoma is on the line
Is this Hiroshima seven-nine-eight-o-five?
I have a person to person for miss Soo-Ling-Foo
This is Tulsa, Oklahoma, ma'am, is that you?
«I have your party waitin' sir,» the operator said
Tokyo's on the line in Tulsa, go ahead
I started to smile when she said to me
«This is Soo-Ling-Foo, who's calling please?»
This is Tok-San Ichiban, Soo-Ling-Foo
And your number one cowboy's missing you
Tokyo, Oklahoma is lonely tonight
Pretty geisha girl, you are on my mind
Dark clouds hangin' over Tulsa skies
Tokyo, Oklahoma is lonely tonight
Oh well, we talked and we talked on into the night
I was on the early mornin' western red-eye flight
Due to turbulent weather, we were way overtime
When we taxied into Tokyo's terminal D-9
I stepped off of Pan-Am's flight twenty-two
I kept on lookin' but I couldn't find Soo-Ling-Foo
I was headed for the lounge the arrow pointed to When an oriental angel stepped from the ladies room
She wrapped her arms around me and she started to smile
When I said, «Pretty geisha girl, would you be my bride?»
She said, «Tok-San Ichiban, Soo-Ling-Foo
Be honorable number one wife to you»
Tokyo, Oklahoma is smilin' tonight
Smell the cherry blossoms, hear the weddin' bells chime
Soon we'll be livin' on Tulsa time
Tokyo, Oklahoma is smilin' tonight, that's right