Перевод песни Silk – Satisfied

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Female Vocals: Antoinette
Oh papi
Oh love, mama
How you been?
Um, not so good
Well, what's wrong baby?
Talk to me Papi, where you been?
Damn, I've been missing you
Oh you have?
Why don't you tell me what you been missing
No one's been able to freak me like you
Make me lose control
Oh baby
I want you to go deeper, deeper, deeper
I can do that babe
You want me to do that?
Yes papi, do that
Tell me what else you want me to do
Let's make love tonight
Take me oh, like a player
Hold me tight
I wanna taste you
Oh, yeah, that's right
I wanna caresss your sexy body
Can ya feel me?
I feel ya, got me baby
You got me wet
I'll tell ya what
I'll leave the front door unlocked
I'll be in my bedroom
I'll be waiting
Oh, I'll be waiting