Перевод песни Phish – Army Of One

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Northern dilemma
Call of the cold
The arms of the arctic begin to unfold
Sit in a circle facing the sun
Get what you can now
Winter is on Truth on condition
Never dig deep
Solemn reminders as groundwaters seep
Into foundations, centers of joy
To weaken and crumble
Search and destroy
Light up the city
Hiding so strange
You'd better take cover
It's love at close range
Oh solo mission
Cover of dark
Army of one now, don't let down your guard
Sit in a circle facing the sun
Soak it in while you can
Winter is on
I got no answer but you've got no call
Just can't compete with the weight of it all
Silent treatment
Stone in the rain
Bright, shining doorway
Try to remain