Перевод песни Thunder – Too Scared To Live

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Don't wanna go out don't know who I'll meet
Don't wanna breathe that filthy air on the street
Don't make me burn 'neath that hole in the sky
I'm too scared to live and I'm too young to die
Don't get the door it's the man from the bank
He wants my house but I won't give it back
Here comes the vultures as I'm starting to try
I'm too scared to live but I'm too broke to die
Stop smoking, stop drinking
It's not even safe no more ... sleeping with women
I gave up driving I thought I might crash
And I can't go private cos I ain't got the cash
Expensive business this keeping your health
That's why I'm too scared to live cos I ain't got the wealth
Stop whinging, stop moaning
But it's hard enjoying life, when I can't do nothing
Can't drink the water can't swim in the sea
And my television's too corrupting for me
Then someone told me it's wrong eating meat
I'm too scared to live and now I'm too scared to eat
I'm so depressed just can't take it no more
I don't know what I'm even living for
One thing that keeps me from a suicide
I'm too scared to live but I'm too scared to die
Keep trying, keep fighting
That's easy for you to say, but I feel like crying