Перевод песни Jethro Tull – Hard Liner

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Hard liner, she brings ice when I bring fire
She's a hard liner
Tightrope cross Niagara
She'd cut the wire
Never feel a thing
Walked the sidewalk of another strange avenue
Kicked my heels and wished my feet were in some other shoes
But I'm not running from that hard liner
Well she brings ice when I bring fire
She's a real hard liner
How does she retain my heart's desire?
It's a funny thing
Knows what she wants, knows how to get it, too
Scares me with cold logic, scares me with the witch's brew
But I keep on drinking
Hard liner
Hard liner
I'm framed and I'm hanging on the wall
She's a hard liner
I'm like some big game trophy hat-stand in the hall
But I remember warm and loving nights
Pier-head restaurants
Swaying mast-head lights
It's a funny thing
Hard liner
Yeah, she brings ice when I bring fire
Hard liner
Tightrope 'cross Niagara, don't cut my wire
Hard liner, hard, hard liner
She brings sun when I bring rain
She's a real hard liner
Yeah, we've got it all crossed up again
Hard liner. Hard liner
Now I don't think we can stay in the same town