Перевод песни Dr. John – Glowin'

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Glowing in the light of my life,
Singing to the stars in the sky.
Glowing in the light of my life,
Talking in the way that you hear.
It's true; love feeling is the only cold,
Yes it is. Yes it is.
There ain't no need for all this greed —
'Cause when everything comes down to one,
Baby, thy will be done.
Glowing in the last of the best.
Putting all the charms to the test.
Glowing in the light of my life,
Glowing, the law for happiness.
The plan is for every man to Be like the tree planted by the stream.
Yes, it is.
With goad understanding and
A lot of patience, you can make n,
Yes you can, beyond your wildest dreams.
«Glowing, glowing, glowing, glowing. "
Cut out all this worrying and complaining,
You go to do it —
Cut out all this fighting and
Screaming, you better know it —
Just live plain old life.
All the eyes of the world are on you,
And they all want to see just what you're gonna do.
Don't commit suicide,
«Gotta keep on — keep on keeping on.
Keep on glowing.
Now there's the handwriting upon the wall.
Nobody seems to understand what it means at all.
How can we live in the kingdom end never see the throne?
Have all the riches and treasures
And still feel like we're alone.
Keeping on and glow.
You got to keep the law of the great commandments.
In the jungle or the street we all are defenseless.
This is not the lend of milk and honey —
This is a place where people sell their souls
Out for money, you know they do.
You got to keep on keepin' on glowin'
This is the sign of the time of the sign of the time.
Glow, glow, glow how you can