Перевод песни Audio Adrenaline – People Like Me

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Verse 1:
I could tell you a story of shame
I could talk for hours on how we became
A flower that bloomed in one day
The next day our glory faded away
Divided by hostilities
Hung up on issues, we disagree
A body that's been torn apart
We're still a body with a healthy heart
People like me, persons like you
We want to be, closer to God
Closer to free
All you people like me Verse 2:
What do you think when you see
Continuous losers the people like me I hope you never believe
Just for a moment you're better than me The truth is that we are the same
All different people but only one name
I hope that you will agree
That all of you are people like me Bridge:
I can't stand by myself anymore
I forgot what we're fighting for
Please come take my hand
We can make our stand
Feels so good to be Be so free