Перевод песни The Brunettes – Small Town Crew

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Honey, try to cover that, it's so easy
Dress up and make illegal money
Outside the Chinese Picture Theater
People pay to pose with any big character
We say it's safe to move
Shortly, I'm no daisy for the country
And old mother logic suggest we're through
It's obvious, I'm going to play it a through
Say you'll consider, if only to quiet me We'll flirt with the cult of scientology
The test of the stress and genius we took
May yet fell out with that small town crew
And just so you know
The shameless lengths I'll go My motives start core changes
I try lyrical tact to boot
Of unrequited lust
You said you liked my songs
If only I could have you here
I'd love, love, love
To smack you around the room
Noted the thereto self-conscious and wordy
Another disclaimer
Well, I'd best think about it some