Перевод песни Reality Check – Time Is Fading

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Take time what’s on your mind
Everybody’s standing on
Another side
It’s a chance for personal gain
If you’re gonna play
On someone else’s shame
Take time share another life
Perfect to the end and taking
On our strife
Take the time to clear up
Your mind
Put away yourself and open up
Your eyes
This time I started waiting
For myself to fade
Walking in to complications
And I rearrange
Do I fear my feelings
Am I numb to pain
Are my senses washing me sane
Will it ever go away
Hey, hey, hey time is fading
So come on it’s
About time
Love is so blind
You’re walking
On the line
Set your mind on
Ease take a
Turn for me
Would you please
If you sit back look at your life
Look at yourself and set back
Your pride
Take the time for what’s
On your mind
Put away yourself and open
Up your life
Hey, hey, hey time
Is fading
Coming to my senses
Hey, hey, hey time
Is fading
My life is changing