Перевод песни Tony Vincent – Reach Out

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Far from the sounds
You wear your crown
You play the king of lonely
You sit on your throne
Watching from home
All of the hurt below
You trust in the one above
And the son to save
All the brokenhearted
But if you believe
Can you recieve
Without your fellow man (you've got to)
Reach out
Give yourself to someone
Who's in need of healing
Reach out
And in turn you might find
All the love your'e seeking
Is it enough
Just to show up With all your best intentions
Playing it safe
Make no mistake
And the door will open
I know your name
'cause i'm jsut the same
Doing the best i can
If we believe
Can we recieve
Without a helping hand (we've got to)
Trapped in this circle i drew
And i just don't know what to do Execpt to surrender myself to you
From the album... 'One Deed'