Перевод песни Sebadoh – Mystery Man

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Earnest little lover, little mystery man
Nothing thrills you like denial
There's nothing wrong with the need to please
And children know no shame
Baby, on your bended knees
And she'd love to play your game
She's a curious girl, easily swayed by your force of will
Empty to be filled with the hunger for more
What if time denies you
The key to your fulfillment fails?
Around the world again on a boat
That sinks as it sails
Stand shoulders above her
Pick her up when you love her
Rub it right when you use her
Need it so bad you abuse her
But don't leave her alone
‘Cause soon she'll be tasting
The sweet unknown
If it feeds her candy, she'll follow it home
Make your claim, she's legally yours
When she shares your name
But don't lose control ‘cause you'll scare her away
Go on beg her to stay