Перевод песни Petra – This Means War

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Son of the morning--highest of all
You had so much going till you took the fall
Had a place in the glory but you wanted it all
Impossible odds but you had the gall
It seemed so unlikely that you would rebel
Such a worthy opponent that you knew so well
But you went down fighting when you heard the bell
Took a third of all heaven when you went to hell
This means war--and the battle's still raging
War--and though both sides are waging
The Victor is sure and the victory secure
But till judgement we all must endure
This Means War!
Then came the cross--you thought you had won
You thought you had conquered God's only Son
«So much for Jesus» you said in jest
Then you got a visit from an unwelcome guest
Now it's all over down to the wire
Counting the days to your own lake of fire
But you'll go down fighting for all that you're worth
To try to abolish His image on earth