Перевод песни Petra – The Water Is Alive

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Gazing out across this desert world
There are thirsty souls everywhere you go
Searching for a drink to satisfy
Their thirsty hearts till they overflow
They come up empty when the sun goes down
And they look around and they wonder why
Their grand delusion seems to quickly fade
When their own supply leaves them high and dry
They could be drinking living water til they’re satisfied
Whosoever will won’t ever be denied
The water is alive, there is no doubt
The water is alive, feel it flowing out
Alive — coming from within
Alive — and I will never thirst again
And now beneath the desert stars tonight
The oasis waits for those who roam
It seems so hard to think there was a time
That I used to call this wasteland home
He lets me drink the living water till I’m satisfied
Whosoever will won’t ever be denied
Now and forever it will satisfy your thirsty soul
Now and forever living water makes your spirit whole
You could be drinking living water till you’re satisfied
Whosoever will won’t ever be denied