Перевод песни M83 – Carresses

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I am sorry, gentleman... and lady. But it will be best for you to stay here
Come now my good man, you can't frighten us. We've been over your foul roads
Please, you do not understand. It is not the roads, it is the darkness!
Here our doors are protected with bat thorns
What is all this bat thorn business?
It keeps them out. They're afraid of it, the demons of the castle
Good evening. It's a lovely even-- --ning
Well Doctor, for one who is not afraid of the dark, you have been pushing your
horse pretty fast
Well, you know horses — once they get started for home there is no stopping them
Oh, I admit, I was a bit impatient... I mean, hungry for one of your wonderful
Yes. The vampires are hungry too for theirs
Nonsense. Rubbish. Vampires. Nonsense. I won't keep you waiting.
I'll be right out for my supper