Перевод песни Simple Minds – Destiny

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Look at the world outside
Beware its evil tide
Too many endless days
Cold streets and alleyways
The poor come crawling out
They speak but never shout
I think you'd rather be alone
You're hiding in a shell
So easy I can tell
Can you sell me some thoughts
Though drugs just can't be bought
Tell me is it some crime
To wait a long time
I think you'd rather be alone
Can you hear me Can you see
I don't want this destiny
To be destined
Something's been happening here
Don't touch
Don't come so near
Don't ask me to reply
Can't think of no more lies
The hand thats reaches out
Can crush without a doubt
I think you'd rather be alone
Oh much is left unexplained
It's getting to my brain
Yet still you wear that smile
Then walk your crooked mile
Some day you're bound to learn
Too late
There's no return
I think you'd rather be alone