Перевод песни E-40 – 40 Water

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Water, water, water, water
Water, water, water, water
I wish I was 40, I wish I was water
I wish I was 40, I wish I was water
I wish I was 40, I wish I was water
I wish I was 40, I wish I was water
40 different ways, 40 days, 40 nights
40 on the side, 40 thieves in the night
Been in the game for 20 years and I'm 40 years though?
6 a cougar, 40 years cold
40 ounce of brew, 40 this, 40 that
40 at the crap table shooting 40 stacks
40 thousand fans, 40 niggas on stage
I heard 40's 40 but 40 don't act his age
40 stay relevant, 40 ain't never play
40 ain't no punk, 40 will pull the gauge
40 years change with the hawk sitting on her
40 ain't left the hood, 40 around the corner
40 like to drink, 40 be getting drunk
My brodis, a hip-o-holic, he smoke 40 blunts
40 kicks a blow, 40 pounds of grapes
Give me 40 feet and a, ounce of space
This that new water, this shit go
Water my grass and my green gone grow
It takes water to live, its water under the bridge
Water with the baking soda
Whipping up kids
Its a drought without water, the soil can't crack
Water in the duals makes loud glasspacks
My family know me by Earl but water my handle
All the doing in the club drinking water like a camel
Put some paint where it ain't
Water based paint
If you don't drink no water, my ninja
You might faint
Water be everywhere but water from the V
Water be limping like he got water in his knee
Water pour, water simmer, water heat
Keep my head above water, still water run deep
Water in my bong, water do the fruit
Water trust no one, ain't no leaks in my pool
I don't be seeing anything, I be making sense
Y'all be looking for a walk, I be swing for the fence
Under pressure, never tense
Rhyming is a synch
Change the rap game when they let me up off the bench
Back with that 91 super Atlantic Flow
I've done seen your favorite rappers come and go
I done seen a lot of blow, a lot of snow
I done seen my homie grandma get beat by the po-po
In the hillside of Vallejo, County of Selano
Get off a magazine meet me over there by Mcdonald's
Thats why I used to get my Yola stacks off
Back when I was small time, all I had was rocks
Manage with it, a fixture on the streets
He a vegan, he don't like beef
They got their E's mixed up
I just look like this but I'd fuck a nigga up