Перевод песни The Gladiators – Can You Imagine How I Feel

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Hey, na na na na — Can you imagine how I feel
1) All day, all night, workin' to earn my honest bread
But all that I am given is sorrowness, bitterness and pain
Have been treated like I'm a fool morning, noon an' night
But when the table turn, I'll be alright
2) Violence won't win the fight
So in faith I've got to hold on tight
Hold on and never let go 3) With my shoulder to the wheel
Hurting pains, I've got got to squeal
Can you imagine how I feel?
4) Watering (?) sounds I heard from my Master
— Hold on tight and never let go Wait until the day of harvest
Spider shall be at the devil's ches'
They shall be like dogs to get vomit
Then I and I shall be fit a fit
In my hip there'll be a whippin' stick
To chase the devil and his host, yeah yeah
Hey na na na na — can you imagine how I feel? (2x)
Repeat 4)
Repeat 1)
Repeat 2)
Hey na na na na — can you imagine how I feel
More question than answers...