Перевод песни Chess In Concert – One More Opponent

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But why is he really here?
A whole year of silence
And suddenly here he is He's working for Global. It's big money
So that's all it is, then?
He has no desire to see you anymore?
Who cares what he's up to?
You're not playing him
Oh, no?
I've the feeling I am
Why is he here?
Don't talk yourself out of form
Viigand's the one
You have to beat
And he's a fine player
Predictable -- he's a machine
Yes, a very fine machine
So are you
So are we But there is one other thing
I gather Svetlana
Is planning to come out here
My wife? Come to Bangkok? No You must know about it
It's been in the papers
They may let her out
This has to be Molokov
Right up his street
So now you've got
One more opponent to beat
Surely you knew
I did not
Well, this is a problem
We knew we'd be facing soon
But not now. Not now